Since 1/12/2020, the NenuFAR correlator is fully operational and thus the NenuFAR imaging mode is available. The correlator, nicknamed NICKEL (NenuFAR Imaging Compute Kluster Elaborated from LOFAR’s), is a clone of LOFAR’s new COBALT-2 correlator (Broekema 2018) that was scaled and adapted to NenuFAR’s antenna field. Support was obtained (and much appreciated) from ASTRON to help defining, installing and debugging NICKEL. The correlator will process the signals from 102 Mini-Arrays (96 MA within the coreRead More
NenuFAR, an official pathfinder of SKA, is a new low-frequency radio array of 2000 antennas (crossed dipoles), in end of construction and start of operation at the Nançay Radio Observatory, France. It allows to observe according to several modes (beams, imaging, waveform…) associated to a large variety of setups. The instrument flexibility, added to its international use (12 key scientific programs active in the “Early Science” phase), motivated the development of a graphical control interfaceRead More